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Maintenance of Cooling System for Laser Welding Machine
In the case of frequent use, the water quality must be checked once a week to ensure the quality of the cooling medium at any time. Check the method is to place the multimeter in the 2MW resistance file, the two ends of the
Analysis of welding machine works
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Ultrasonic welding principle is through the ultrasonic generator 50/60 Hz current into 15,20,30 or 40 kHz power. The converted high-frequency electrical energy is again converted into mechanical motion at the same frequency by the
The difference between AC spot welding machine and energy storage spot welding machine is analyzed
AC spot welder is a machine can be firmly welded together workpiece. AC spot welding machine is by the step-down transformer, current regulator and cooling system and welding wire, handle and other accessories.
RongShijie points to share the safe operation of welding procedures
Rong Shijie points to share the safe operation of welding procedures Spot welding machine (Kunshan flash butt welding machine) the safe operation rules: 1, before the operation, should be removed from the upper and lower electrodes
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