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RongShijie points to share the safe operation of welding procedures

RongShijie points to share the safe operation of welding procedures

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Rong Shijie points to share the safe operation of welding procedures


Spot welding machine (Kunshan flash butt welding machine) the safe operation rules:


1, before the operation, should be removed from the upper and lower electrodes of the oil. Power, the body shell should be no leakage.


2, before the start, should be connected to the control circuit of the steering switch and welding current of small switches, adjust the number of good, and then connected to water, gas, and finally connected to power.


3, welding power, should check the electrical equipment, operating mechanism, cooling system, gas system and the body shell without leakage phenomenon. Electrode contacts should be kept clean. There is leakage, it should be replaced immediately.


4, operation, air, water cooling system should be smooth. The gas should be kept dry. Drainage temperature should not exceed 40 ℃, displacement can be adjusted according to temperature.


5, is prohibited in the ignition circuit to increase the fuse. When the load is too small to make the arc within the ignition tube can not occur, the control box shall not close the ignition circuit.


6, when the control box is long-term disabled, the monthly heating should be 30min. Replace the thyristor should Deng heat 30min. The warm-up time of the working control box shall not be less than 5min.


7, welding operation and cooperation must be required to wear labor protection products. And must take to prevent electric shock, falling, gas poisoning and fire accidents and other security measures. Import pump valves


8, the scene is the use of welding, should be equipped with rain, moisture, sun shed, and should be equipped with the appropriate fire equipment.


9, high-altitude welding or cutting, you must wear seat belts, welding around and below should be taken to fire prevention measures, and should be hand guard.


10, when the removal of welding slag welding, should wear protective glasses, the head should avoid the direction of percussion welding spatter.


11, the rain shall not be open-air welding. Operators should stand in insulated areas and wear insulated shoes when working in wet areas.