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The difference between AC spot welding machine and energy storage spot welding machine is analyzed

The difference between AC spot welding machine and energy storage spot welding machine is analyzed

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Rong Shijie for the majority of customers to analyze the exchange spot welding and energy storage spot welding the difference


First, the exchange spot welding


1. AC spot welder is a machine can be firmly welded together workpiece. AC spot welding machine is by the step-down transformer, current regulator and cooling system and welding wire, handle and other accessories. Welding does not have to use the electrode, just want to weld the two parts were used as the circuit of the two electrodes, the use of contact resistance at the high temperature generated, the metal instantly melt, so the workpiece firmly welded together.


Standard Practice for Safe Operation of AC Spot Welder (General Purpose Resistance Welding Machine)


(1) welding operation and cooperation must be required to wear labor protection products. And must be taken to prevent electric shock, falling height, gas poisoning fire accidents and other safety measures.


(2) on-site use of the welding machine, should be equipped with rain, moisture, sun shed, and should install the appropriate fire equipment.


(3) within 10m of the welding site, shall not be stacked oil, timber, oxygen cylinders, acetylene generator and other flammable, explosive items.


(4) Before use, should check and confirm the initial and secondary line wiring is correct, the input voltage in line with the nameplate of the welding machine. Do not touch the live parts of the primary circuit when the power is turned on. Primary and secondary wiring must be equipped with protective cover.


(5) secondary tap connection copper plate should be pressed, the terminal should be washers. Before closing, check the wiring nuts, bolts and other parts in detail and confirm that they are complete and free from loose or damaged. Protective covers are available at the terminals.


(6) centralized use of multiple welding machines should be tapped in the three-phase power network, so that three-phase load balancing. The grounding devices of multiple welding machines shall be respectively connected by the grounding poles and shall not be connected in series.


(7) mobile welding machine, it should cut off the power supply, not to use the method of trailing cable mobile welding machine. When a sudden power failure in welding, should immediately cut off the power.


(8) is strictly prohibited in the operation of the pressure piping, containers containing inflammable and explosive materials and the force on the welding components.


(9) Welding copper, aluminum, zinc, tin, lead and other non-ferrous metals, must be in a well ventilated place, welding personnel should wear gas masks or breathing filters.


(10) in the container when welding, must take the following measures: the container must have inlet and outlet, and set the ventilation equipment; container lighting voltage shall not exceed 12V, welding must be in the presence of custody. It is strictly forbidden to solder in a container that has been painted with paint or compound.


(11) welding preheat parts, should be set up baffle isolation preheat radiant heat emitted.


(12) high-altitude welding, you must hang a seat belt, weldment around and below should be taken to fire prevention measures and a personal care.


(13) when welding through the road, must be elevated or penetrated into the protective tube buried in the ground, such as through the track, you must pass under the track.


(14) Ground wire and handle wire shall not be used on flammable, explosive and heat source items. The grounding wire shall not be connected to pipe, machine tool, building metal frame or rail. Insulation shall be good. Grounding resistance of not more than 4Ω.


(15) shall not open-air welding in rain. When working in wet areas, operators should stand in insulated areas and wear insulated shoes.


(16) long-term power outage of the welding machine, when used, shall be used to shake table to check its insulation resistance shall not be less than 0.5MΩ, wiring part shall not have corrosion and moisture phenomenon.


(17) welding clamp should have good insulation and insulation capacity. Welding clamp grip must be good insulation, grip and wire connection should be solid, good contact, the junction should be insulated cloth and not exposed. Operators shall not hold the welding tongs with their arms.


(18) to remove welding slag welding, should wear protective glasses, the head should avoid the direction of percussion welding spatter.


Second, energy storage spot welding 1. Energy storage spot welder is to change the traditional AC contactor discharge, the use of SCR discharge, reduce noise, extend life, safe and reliable. The whole welding procedure is controlled by MPU chip, the control is accurate and reliable. 2. Energy storage spot welding can be widely used in electronics, electrical vacuum, electrical, hardware, semiconductors, batteries and other industries. Can be used for spot welding, replacement of electrodes and molds can be used for a variety of packaging and welding.