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Maintenance of Cooling System for Laser Welding Machine

Maintenance of Cooling System for Laser Welding Machine

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Maintenance of cooling system for laser welding machine (MF welding machine)


Rong Shijie maintenance welding machine secret .


1, the main contents of the cooling system maintenance Main contents of the maintenance of cooling water, including check the water quality, clean water tanks and pipes and check the protection circuit is normal and so on.


In the case of frequent use, the water quality must be checked once a week to ensure the quality of the cooling medium at any time. Check the method is to place the multimeter in the 2MW resistance file, the two ends of the measurement of metal exposed parts of the 1cm interval, parallel to the cooling water, then the resistance reading should be at least greater than 250kW. If the reading is below this value, replace the cooling water immediately.


2, check the protection chain circuit


The cooling system specifically for the characteristics of laser equipment, the design of over-temperature sound alarm, over-temperature chain, flow switch chain, liquid level protection chain and other protective measures. Use should always check the above protection circuit to ensure its function is normal and effective. Check the work can be used when changing the water.


Laser welding machine cooling system is running normally or not, determines whether the machine is safe operation, otherwise it may lead to low efficiency of electro-optical conversion equipment, laser flashes, laser and equipment overheating, laser rod burst and a series of equipment safety issues.

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