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Introduction of Project Process of Spot Welder

Introduction of Project Process of Spot Welder

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The spot welding machine (medium frequency inverter spot welding machine) adopts the principle of double-sided double-point over-current welding. The two electrodes press the work piece to make two layers of metal form certain contact resistance under the pressure of two electrodes. Welding current flows from one electrode to the other electrode at two contact resistance points to form instantaneous heat welding, and the welding current instantly flows from the other electrode along the two workpieces to the electrode to form a loop without harming the internal structure of the workpiece to be welded. Compared with the manual welding, the device soldering the weld and weld length distribution is more uniform, more efficient, save manpower (the manufacturers of this set of equipment is mainly used in processing rotating seat components). Spot welding machine manufacturers


This makes the spot welder in the use of the process can play a higher efficiency.

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