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Capacitor energy storage spot welding machine
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Capacitor energy storage spot welding machine


Capacitor energy storage spot welding machine


* Comments do not need to charge the current limit resistance of the latest models of capacitive welding machine.


·Product Features


* Soft-start mode and all-digital integrated circuit control constant current charging, charging faster and more stable.


* No need to charge current limiting resistor, to avoid the current-limiting resistance caused by energy waste heat, energy-saving than ordinary capacitor spot welding 40%.


· Imported brand-name emergency charge and discharge capacitors, stable capacity, long life.


* Digital charge voltage display, set the charging voltage is more accurate and intuitive.


Widely used, especially for aluminum, copper, stainless steel, alloy, nickel, tungsten and other conductive, good thermal conductivity of the metal plate, wire, wire welding and dissimilar metals welding.


* The electrode head can be designed according to customer needs, can be designed for double or multi-head welding machine to improve welding efficiency.


Controller: Although it is their own to do, but is the use of German technology controller


Capacitance: Japan Black King Kong capacitor, fast charge and discharge, 6 years without attenuation, 10 years is not scrapped


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