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L - type gantry wire mesh welding
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L - type gantry wire mesh welding




Easy operation, high production efficiency, stable and reliable welding quality, suitable for industrial production of steel grid


·Product Features


Specialized in the welding of the corrugated wire of the multi-functional wire rack shelf plate.


The main body adopts the long-side gantry type and the short-side self-sliding adjustment type structure respectively. The long side 7 press mechanism and the short side 3 pressure mechanism can adjust and adjust the upper and lower electrode pressing mechanism according to the requirements of workpiece technology.


· By manual feeding, unloading, automatic completion of the workpiece pressure positioning, pressure welding, release the workpiece, the sliding mechanism to withdraw, reset. Soldering controller selection of three SK3- microcomputer controller, the work process by the programmable logic controller (PLC) control.

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