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Automatic nut conveyor


The nut conveyor is a nut with a fixed spot welding machine used in Suzhou, a machine that uses the principle of magnetic field vibration of the nut to the election of materials and transported to the spot welding position. two. Main parameters: the use of power 220V maximum input power 0.35KVA power frequency 50 HZ vibration plate the best screening speed 50-100 个 / Min corresponding nut size M4, M5, M6, M7, M8, M10, M12, transmission capacity 30-60 / Min Vibrating plate size Φ302 Transmission angle 30-50 degrees Inlet inlet tube size Φ10 Conveying way Electromagnetic type / Slide rail type Suitable nuts Shape Four corners, hexagonal, flange, round, cylindrical and other shapes Max. Dimensions 390 × 460 × 1050 Weight 40Kg nuts storage capacity of about 2000 Third, the main features: ① vibration plate with anti-anti-function and low noise design ② high-speed sorting function to ensure the nut's conveying speed ③ control using PLC And a number of sensors composed of closed-loop automatic function, and effectively guarantee the reliability of the equipment ④ feed output accuracy of 99% or more ⑤ special use of moving parts to ensure good delivery friction, less wear; reduce the use of cost ⑥ any size Nuts, we can achieve the automation of transportation in the car and its parts, many of the workpiece is connected through nuts or bolts. For the current shortcomings of welding equipment used, Kunshan Rong Shijie automatic welding equipment company launched a fixed spot welding machine + nut screw conveyor, a good solution to the spot welding of nuts and bolts of welding and transportation problems, to achieve From the nut to the welder welding the whole process of automation, and can easily make the conveyor and welder access to the production line, if used in conjunction with the robot, you can achieve unmanned operation. Fourth, the shortcomings of traditional welding equipment At present, in the automobile manufacturing enterprises, bolts and nuts are mostly welding work using a fixed spot welding to the end. Projection welding nut or bolt is generally by the operator to hand into the workpiece, and then the implementation of welding. This manual placement nut or bolt operating mode there are three major shortcomings: 1. Security is poor: As we all know, with a fixed spot welder for nut or bolt projection welding, the general welding pressure of 300 kg or more . In the hand placed nuts or bolts, most likely due to misuse and lead to the welder start, leading to the rapid downward movement of the electrode, a little careless, it will hand crush or even disability. Especially in high-volume production, the operator will inevitably lead to fatigue and thought is not concentrated, many companies will occur every year, such security incidents.

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