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Intermediate frequency inverter point convex welder
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Intermediate frequency inverter point convex welder


Intermediate frequency inverter point convex welder


First, equipment overview:


IF inverter spot welding machine is a DC resistance welding machine, by the three-phase alternating current by the rectifier circuit into a pulsating DC, and then by the power switching device composed of inverter circuit variable frequency square wave access transformer, the rectifier pulse after the smaller step DC electrode to supply the work of welding, is now the most advanced resistance welding method.


Second, equipment characteristics


Power-on time is short, high thermal power, welding forming beautiful


Inverter welding level of the output current, to ensure the high efficiency of heat supply. And short-time power ms level, but also makes the welding heat affected zone is small, beautiful welding appearance.


Can effectively inhibit the welding spatter, access to stable high-quality welding results


The continuous heat supply from the flat output current causes the core temperature to rise continuously, and accurate ramp-up and time control of the current does not cause splashing due to thermal transients and uncontrollable current rise times.


Accurate control, high frequency (usually 1-4KHz), making the feedback control accuracy is generally AC welding power supply and secondary rectifier power 10-80 times, the corresponding output control accuracy is also very high.


Three-phase input, suitable for power supply balance, no power to compensate for the equipment.


Energy saving. As the thermal efficiency is high, the transformer is small, iron loss is small, welding the same workpiece, the inverter welding machine than the AC and secondary rectifier welding machine energy savings of up to 30%.

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