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Exchange point (convex) welder


Exchange point (convex) welder


· Comments


Welding quality, performance, no doubt, the maintenance of environmental considerations are meticulous and thoughtful.


·Product Features


* Direct pressure mechanism, good emergency performance, welding speed


The guide part adopts the special material with small friction force. The electromagnetic valve is directly connected with the cylinder to speed up the action reaction speed, improve the speed of the dotting and reduce the loss of the air flow.


• Adjust the pressing speed arbitrarily


Can be arbitrarily adjust the pressure head of the descending speed, to ease the impact of the solder was pressurized, but also reduce the noise.


* Safe, easy to use high-performance gas system


The filter cup is provided with a guard to prevent the splashing of the broken cup and protect the impact from the external impact. The cup and the cover are easy to handle.


· Water-saving forced cooling is adopted


The use of circulating cooling water, to avoid water waste, a significant reduction in cooling water.


* High strength of the body structure


With the impact, vibration rigidity, to prevent the electrode head when the pressure slide, to achieve stable welding.


* The upper insulation, simple and practical


Secondary conductor using the upper insulation method, to avoid the attachment of iron or welding tooling installed under the easy installation of insulation parts of the short-circuit accident.


· The main circuit adopts high-power SCR non-contact switch main circuit adopts water-cooled high-power thyristor components, the output power is strong, stable and reliable.

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