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Welding machine safe operation flow and spot welding machine work flow

Welding machine safe operation flow and spot welding machine work flow

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Safety welding process


1, welding machine before the operation, should be removed from the upper and lower electrodes of the oil. Power, the body shell should be no leakage.


2, the welding machine before the start of the control circuit should be connected to the steering switch and welding current of small switches, adjust the number of good, and then connected to water, gas, and finally connected to power.


3, electric welding machine power, you should check the electrical equipment, operating agencies, cooling systems, air system and the body shell without leakage phenomenon.


4, in the welding load, the welder temperature rise should not exceed A-60 ℃, B-class 80 ℃, or should stop cooling, and then welding.


5, electric welding machine operators are subject to training, examination, obtain the operation card before induction work.


6, welding machine operation and cooperation must be required to wear labor protection products. The use of welding machine safety, when the removal of welding slag welding, should wear protective glasses, the head should avoid the direction of percussion welding spatter.


7, welding machine workplace should be kept dry and well-ventilated. Move the welding machine, should cut off the power, not to use the method of trailing cable mobile welding machine, such as welding in a sudden power failure, should immediately cut off the power.


8, in welding, are not allowed to adjust the current, must be used to stop the welding handle when adjusting the welding current, not too fast too fast, so as not to damage the regulator.


9, when welding in the wet, the welder should stand on the insulation board, are not allowed to touch the welder wire, hand-held welding clamp is not allowed to use, so as not to electric shock.


Here's a brief introduction to the specific work of the spot welding process. The spot welding machine uses the principle of double-sided double-point over-current welding, the work of two electrodes to press the workpiece so that two layers of metal in the two electrodes under pressure to form a certain contact resistance, and welding current from one electrode through the other electrode When the two contact resistance points to form a moment of heat sealing.


(1) pre-pressure stage - the electrode down to the current connected stage, to ensure that the electrode pressed the workpiece, the workpiece between the appropriate pressure.


(2) welding time - welding current through the workpiece, the formation of nugget heat.


(3) to maintain time - cut off the welding current, the electrode pressure to maintain the nugget solidified to a sufficient strength.


(4) Dwell time - the electrode begins to lift to the electrode again to begin to descend, starting the next welding cycle.


In order to improve the performance of the welded joint, it is sometimes necessary to add one or more of the following to the basic cycle:


(1) increase the pre-pressure to eliminate the gap between the thick workpiece, so that close fit.


(2) with preheat pulse to improve the plasticity of metal, the workpiece is easy to fit tightly to prevent splash; projection welding to do so when a number of bumps in the welding before the uniform contact with the plate in order to ensure the same point of heating.